“When an individual meets Jesus at the place where they are in pain, he brings peace and healing every time.”
Tim Valentine (Freedom Prayer Trainer)

What is a Freedom Prayer Session?

It is a pre-arranged appointment (60-90 minutes) with a trained prayer team. A Freedom Prayer team will lead you through a prayer process designed to help you hear from God. We fully trust the Spirit of God to lead you to where you most need to hear from him. It is a prayer ministry which deals with the underlying lies that can cause painful emotional and physical issues in your life.

A Freedom Prayer session is not a counselling or therapy appointment. It is a prayer ministry where a facilitating team helps you hear answers from God for yourself. The job of the Freedom Prayer team is to perceive the best questions to ask by following the Holy Spirit’s leadership.
We have all been created with the ability to hear from God. We believe that freedom comes when the Spirit of God persuades our hearts of what is true. Receiving truth from Jesus undoes the lies and his voice brings healing and freedom.

Both in-person and online video sessions are available depending on your location.

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