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We're All About People


Come do life with us!

Whether it's your first time at church or you've gone to church for years, our Weekend services are a welcoming place for you to enjoy worshipping Jesus with others. Community makes life better and reminds us that we can't do life alone.



So that all people in all places embrace the life-saving power of King Jesus


On Earth as in Heaven

  • For King and Kingdom

    We surrender our whole lives in total allegiance to King Jesus and the advancement of His Kingdom.

  • On The Word

    We stake our lives on the Word of God, our unshakable foundation, food for our souls and our weapon in the Battle.

  • Decidedly Different

    We wholeheartedly embrace the culture of Heaven, and we fully expect our lives to reflect this Kingdom reality.

  • By The Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is the power at work in us to live the Kingdom life. Apart from Him we can do nothing.

  • Prayerfully, Faith-Filled

    In life and death, we are a praying-people of active, relentless, audacious faith in God.

  • Radically Generous

    We serve a generous King who gives without limit or condition. Out of His unending wealth, we give.

  • Love The World

    We serve a King whose extravagant love for this world compels us to engage it, not escape it.

  • Excelling in Honour

    We honour God as we honour others as it is currency in the kingdom of God.

  • On a Mission

    We are sent out to earnestly declare and demonstrate the Good News that Jesus saves.

  • Built Together

    We thrive and flourish only as we are built together in Kingdom community.



Helping people and developing leaders



It's All About Jesus

The following doctrinal statements are the basic truths we affirm regarding God and our relationship with Him. We’re open to change and debate on a variety of issues… these aren’t them.

We believe that—a little better than two thousand years ago—God Himself entered into His Creation.

He came to us in the form of His Son, Jesus, in part to teach humanity how He intended for us to live. Ultimately, however, Jesus came to die for us, conquering the death that we all face. He then rose from the dead, defeating the power death once held over humanity. Today, as a gift of His grace, He offers the gift of life instead, which we can receive by faith through a relationship with Jesus.

Those of us who place our faith and hope in Him get to share in His victory of life forever. Furthermore, we believe that being a Christian is about following Jesus in the here-and-now. Though the tendency is to place so much attention on the afterlife that it renders the present life unimportant, nothing could be further from the truth. It is our strong conviction that Jesus came to show us how to live the life we were created to live, and that He wants His followers to experience this life each and every day.

We are convinced that Jesus is interested in each and every part of your life. This is the holistic approach to the Christian life that we pursue. We believe that this life MATTERS, and that through our actions and lifestyles, we bring glory to God, demonstrating the life of Christ to the world around us.

  • KIDS


Kings Church

  • What are Kings Church services like?

    Our hope is to reach people and connect them with God and one another. Our services have an authentic, down-to-earth feel that invite you to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. Total length is a little over an hour. Afterwards, you can grab a cup of coffee, connect with others, or meet our greeters and staff. LOCATIONS & SERVICE TIMES

  • What are messages like?

    Our Pastors and guest speakers communicates with a warm, humorous, and personal style. Each weekend you'll find his messages are Bible-based, offering practical life guidance rich in wisdom yet easy to understand. Whether you have been following Christ for some time or are curious about what a relationship with God looks like, you’ll feel as if speaker is talking to you right in your own living room.

  • What kind of worship can I expect at Kings Church?

    Heartfelt worship is led by our worship team. Our goal is to encounter God in an authentic way in our time together.

  • What is appropriate to wear in church?

    Whatever you normally wear. We are more concerned with meeting you than with what you wear. At Kings Church, you'll see nearly every style of clothing, from casual to business professional.

  • What about my kids?

    Our Children’s Ministry offers age appropriate programs for children ages birth-5th grade. You can learn more about our Children’s Ministry here.


We believe that God created the world and everything in it, including you, and He wants to begin a personal, one-on-one relationship with you today.



We are here to help. We're all ears. Drop us a line.