The Kings Church Men’s Ministry is simply that… ministry to men. Whether through ministries designed specifically for men or through the broader ministries of Kings Church, our desire is to raise up men after God’s own heart who are leaders in the home, in the church, and in the community. The following are a few of the ways you can get involved.

Men’s Groups

Kings Church has a vibrant Groups ministry, including Groups designed specifically for men.

Groups provide a great way to connect with other men while also growing in your relationship with Jesus. Within a Group, you can build meaningful friendships while exploring faith, experiencing community, and encouraging one another.

Service Projects

Nothing ignites spiritual growth and builds camaraderie quite like serving together. While Kings Church men serve on a variety of teams across all the ministries of Kings Church, we also have service opportunities designed specifically for men. Whether we’re working on a building project, serving in the community, or investing a weekend in camping ministry, our service projects give us the opportunity to make a tangible difference for the Kingdom.

Community-Building Activities

Activities planned throughout the year enable men to have fun and experience adventure together. Events like our annual canoe trip, nature hikes, and camping weekends allow us to connect with God and each other while surrounded by His Creation. Other events focus on building up the family or simply allowing guys to enjoy hanging out. Through activities like these, we’re able to have a good time, invite our friends and neighbours, and experience life together.

Men of Courage Breakfast

On the Second Saturday of every month, an interdenominational group of men come together at the Dayspring Hall in French Village for the Men of Courage breakfast. Not only is this a fun morning together with great food, but we receive relevant Bible teaching, address the real issues being faced by men today, and discover what it means to live as men of God.

Sports Ministries

Through the summer months, sign up for our slow-pitch softball team. Through the winter, join our Kings Church hockey team. While participating on the teams, we also get to connect with Christ-followers from other churches and to reach out to men who are far from God. Before each game, we take a few minutes to look at a few verses of Scripture and to talk about how we can apply those verses as we play and as we go about our daily lives.

Celebrate Recovery

While CR is geared for anyone dealing with a habit, hurt, or hangup that is holding them back from experiencing the life God intends, it includes groups designed specifically for men. Experience the transformative power of God at work in your life! Check out more on the Celebrate Recovery page.

Conferences and Retreats

Though the Kings Church Men’s Ministry, you can participate on our periodic prayer retreats or attend our annual XY Conference. These weekends are pivotal events on our calendar, as we seek and encounter the heart of God together.

Ministry Teams

Men are encouraged to participate with the wide variety of ministries that operate across Kings Church. Whether joining the parking ministry, volunteering with KC Kids, or signing up with our media team, you can make a meaningful difference as you serve God by serving others. Explore your options at

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