Helping you discover and become the person you were always meant to be.

Three weeks could change your life forever

In three short sessions, we will cover who God is, who He’s created us to be, and how we can activate the potential and design He’s placed within each of us. If you want to experience growth, health, and transformation in your life, then Growth Track was designed especially for you.

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  • Know God

    Know God

    Session one is about what we believe. During this session, we will explore some of our non-negotiables, foundational beliefs we hold about God, about who He has made us to be, and about how we can experience new life in Him.

  • Know Kings

    Know Kings

    In session two, we’ll explore who we are at Kings Church. We’ll look at our mission, our values, and how you can be activated as a member of our faith community.

  • Know You

    Know You

    Session three will be devoted to understanding how God has equipped you to grow in your faith, and how He has empowered you to make a difference for His Kingdom through gift-based service.

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