Discover your next steps

Fuel your growth as a follow of Jesus.

From exploring initial questions about God and the Church to fully embracing your God-given purpose, you can take your next steps of faith at Kings Church. Discover who God made you to be and experience the fullness of life He offers.

Our groups and classes meet at a variety of times and places throughout the year, and are designed to equip our church family to grow deeper in our love for God and for people. Each class aims to take you deeper theologically and send you further missionally. We believe that the best way to develop your relationship with Jesus is to get connected to His Church!

Our groups and classes are designed to help you grow in your relationship with God and in the mission and vision of His Church.


Our Grow classes are designed to help you grow in your relationship with God and in the mission and vision of Kings Church.

  • Heart


    Grow in your love for Jesus as you step deeper into community at Kings Church. Worship with us during our services each weekend, and get connected with others through our weekly Community Groups. Discover a place of hope and belonging as you serve and grow alongside others.

  • Mind


    Grow in your understanding of faith. Learn what we believe, why we believe it, and why it matters through our KC Academy ministries. Have questions about what faith is all about? Check out Alpha. Craving a theological foundation and practical practices for your faith? Sign up for Kings Class. Seeking an in-depth method of studying Scripture? Join Precept Upon Precept.

  • Strength


    Grow stronger as you invest yourself in what God is doing in and through our church. Serving others unlocks the door for tremendous personal growth! Plus, by practicing spiritual habits like prayer, Bible study, fasting, generosity, memorization, and worship, you can invite the Holy Spirit to work within you and best position yourself for tremendous seasons of growth!


We believe that God created the world and everything in it, including you, and He wants to begin a personal, one-on-one relationship with you today.


Whether you are a relatively new follower of Jesus or have been following Jesus for decades — there is a class for you.

Not sure where
to start?

If you don’t know where to begin, let us know! Someone will be in touch to help you discover your next steps for growth.