The chaos of life can prevent us from hearing from God and experiencing His presence. Set aside your busyness for 30 minutes in order to get alone and spend that time in still silence, meditating upon Him and receiving whatever He wants to reveal to you.


Memorize Psalm 145:13. What promises of God provide you with strength and encouragement? Peruse your Bible or search online to identify divine promise that speak to you and your life circumstances. View your circumstances through the lens of these promises.


Bring glory to Jesus by offering praise for who He is and what He has done in your life. Identify three ways you are different because of the presence of Jesus, then share them with someone else.


God designed us to live in community with one another, encouraging and spurring one another on in our spiritual walks. Pray today for each member of your Group and those who God has placed around you in Christian community.


Since being released in 1979, the "Jesus Film" has been translated into more than 1600 languages and viewed by an estimated 3 billion people. Perhaps the most watched movie in history, it is widely used by missionaries to introduce the story of Jesus to people in remote regions around the world. Visit or download the JesusFilm app to watch this depiction of the life of Christ, then pray for missionaries who continue to spread His message globally. Ask God to use them to draw people to Himself.


Write down your story. Describe what life was like before encountering Jesus, how you came to know Him, and how your life is different now because of Him. See if you can clearly tell your story in two minutes or less. Then pray that God will give you the boldness to seize opportunities to share your story with others.


As you break this 21-day fast, invest 20-30 minutes in reflecting on your experiences. What has Jesus been revealing to you about Himself, yourself, or others? For what experiences are you most grateful? What new step is He now calling you to take?


A 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting journal is also available for purchase. The journal includes:
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