Call someone who could use a word of encouragement and speak words of life to him or her. Pray for a fresh sense of God's presence in his or her life.


Memorize Romans 8:37-39.
What does it mean to be "more than" a conqueror? How does an understanding of the powerful, unfailing love of God act the way you view your present troubles?


Consider the gifts and abilities God has given you, then identify at least one practical way you can show God's love by using your gifts and abilities to serve others today.


What has God been revealing to you so far through these 21 days? Are there actions, thoughts, or attitudes for which you need to seek forgiveness? Ask God to reveal areas of sin in your life, confess them, and ask Him to forgive you. If you have harmed others, seek reconciliation.


Read or listen through the Gospel of Mark in a single sitting. For digital options, use your Bible app or visit or Recommended versions include the NIV, NLT, or ESV.


Perform an act of kindness for someone else as an expression of God's love. For example, you could provide free babysitting for a single parent, shovel your neighbour's driveway, pay for someone's gas, or prepare a meal for someone who is lonely, sick, or overwhelmed. With no expectation of reciprocity, selflessly seek to bless another.


In keeping with tradition, we break our fast every Sunday in celebration of the day of the Resurrection. Spend time in God's presence today, worshipping Him and expressing your adoration for Him.


A 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting journal is also available for purchase. The journal includes:
For helpful resources or to download the journal in a printable format.

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