As Christians have done throughout the centuries, choose to use these 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting as a way to seek God's heart and to experience spiritual breakthrough. Through humble prayer, tell God what you will be fasting and identify the area of your life where you most need Him to step in. Write down your most needed breakthroughs and submit them to God.


Jesus did not want His followers to draw attention to their fasting by bemoaning or boasting about how they were performing a spiritual act. Instead, He instructed them to not make it obvious that they were fasting.

Read Matthew 6:16-18, then consider why Jesus would give such direction.


Take a walk or drive through your community, praying for the people in the homes you pass. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct your prayers and be responsive to His leadings. Seek God's heart and divine insight as you pray. Recognize the deep compassion He has for the people of your community, and invite Him to instil that same heart within you.


As God develops a heart of compassion within you, ask Him to lay 3 specific people on your heart that you can influence for Him this year. Identify ways you can help them encounter God and/or grow in faith.


Memorize Philippians 4:6. What causes you to become anxious? Through prayer, ask God to replace anxiety with hopefulness, peace, and joy.


Practice generosity.
Choose at least three items in your home that you will give to someone else or donate to charity.
Select items that are in good condition, not ones that have outlived their usefulness. Give up those items for the benefit of others. By removing the clutter, create more room for God in your life.


When the Early Christians fasted, they broke their fast every Sunday in celebration of the day of the week when Jesus rose from the grave. It was a day to feast, not fast. We continue this tradition today. Glorify God and celebrate the fact that Jesus is risen! Enjoy a meal with friends and family, pausing to thank Him for His many blessings.


A 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting journal is also available for purchase. The journal includes:
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